Stained Glass Window Project

In August, 2008, our board of trustees decided that the maintenance necessary to keep our painted glass windows in the church looking good was becoming futile.  The sun’s rays, especially on the south side windows, made it next to impossible to keep paint on the figures and the multiple touch-ups detracted from the windows beauty.  Therefore, the trustees voted to do whatever it takes to replace the windows with stained glass.  This is a huge undertaking for our church and we expect the project to take several years.  Please consider donating your time and/or resources to this worthwhile project for our church.

We Deciced that the best way to show the history of the project, was to reproduce, below, the newsletter articles over the duration of the construction.

In April of 2010 Methodist Church Communications sent out a news team to create an in depth video of the EUMC stained glass project.  They commissioned Carey Moots, local TV producer to film and interview our glass group.  The video, to the right, is the result of their efforts.


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Nick Griffo helps to unload tons of glass