100 Year Celebration  1905 - 2005


Our church’s 100th came and went with a great deal of fanfare and those who contributed to the celebration’s success were all in attendance!  The History Committee’s hard work helped everything to go very smoothly.  The banquet was extremely well attended, the food was outstanding and Rev. Terry Anderson’s expertise as emcee created a professionalism that was widely appreciated.  Bishop Max Whitfield gave a memorable sermon on Sunday morning and impressed the children as well as the congregation with his King’s Kids presentation.

The “Dinner on the Grounds” went off without a hitch with plenty of hamburgers, hotdogs and buns to go around.  Thanks to all the folks who brought and manned the grills and thanks to all those members who provided tons of side dishes!

Carolyn Moore coordinated the afternoon program which was highlighted by a song by Phil Galbraith accompanied by his sister, Joyce, on the old portable pump organ and Charles Hughes singing the Lord’s Prayer accompanied by Ethel Floyd.

Following are some of the many pictures taken during the event: